Dedicated Server Administration

Dedicated Server administration generally means keeping the servers upon the internet or on-premises under constant control, monitoring and performing the tasks created within the framework of defined IT policies. Server Backup systems and server optimization are included in these tasks.

We provide dedicated management services for some special software such as production planning (ERP), accounting, database, customer management (CRM) for corporations.We also provide dedicated administration services for hosting companies,service providers,web resellers,creative agencies,individuals,webmasters as well

Our Dedicated Server administration service is complementary to our server services that we provide in many different platforms, especially License Rental, Microsoft Windows or Linux, in modern cloud infrastructure.

All of our consultancy services are postpaid and contracted monthly or yearly.A member of our support team will be dedicate administrator for you. You can review the details of our server management and professional support services below.

  • Monthly Base Plan
  • $359
  • It covers dedicated administration services for up to five virtual machines or standalone servers.We also provide guarantee for up to five hours per day to support you.