This notice explains how and why 48K Information Internet Technologies (48k) collects, stores and uses personal information.
This notice has been prepared for the website (website or this website).
The customer who communicates with 48k through this website is deemed to have accepted this agreement openly.

Website and Contact
48k publishes this website to communicate with customers who need IT support services and to get paid for their services.
In communication with 48k customers, it can establish an E-mail, Web Form E-Mail, SMS, Instant Messaging Programs or Telephone connection. It can request payment through other intermediary institutions. All these details are given in the “Other Sites” heading.
For this reason, 48k uses and stores the following information of its customers visiting the site in order to communicate with them.
-Name surname
-E mail address
-IP Address
-Phone number
-Physical Address
-Company Information for Invoice
48k does not use the above information for any purpose other than communication with the customer or share it with third parties.
The customer may request the deletion of all the above information at any time.

Service and Use of Sensitive Information

The customer, who communicates with 48k through this website, has to transmit sensitive information (ip address, password, temporary password, server information, remote access information, program or part of a program) to 48k, except for the requested job. It does not ask for information or documents. It does not use, save or publish them for any other purpose.
The customer accepts that he is the sole responsibility of all confidential sensitive data related to the work requested. He has the right to follow all the work done during the work. It is the customer’s responsibility to change or update sensitive information such as password after the work is finished.

Other Links/Websites

48k uses the Telegram application to communicate with the Customer. The link to the privacy agreement and terms of use of the Telegram application is below.

BitPay Inc. for payments accepted from 48k Customers. uses its services. BitPay Inc. Confidentiality agreement and terms of use link is below.

48k Website uses the Google Analytics application for analytics. The link to the Google privacy agreement and terms of use is below.

48k may post advertisements of their other products on this website. The link to the 48k confidentiality agreement and terms of use is below.

48k You can publish Google Adsense Ads as a Google AdSense Advertisement Publisher on this website. Google Adsense privacy agreement and terms of use link are below.