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Install and activate quota on Linux

Install the quota tools on your server.(debian – ubuntu) sudo apt install quota Edit your fstab file under etc folder: /dev/sda1 / ext4 usrquota,grpquota 0 0 and remount it to take effect immediately: sudo mount -o remount / (or whereever you want to enable) Enable quota.This command will create two files on file system like […]

Mount remote ftp to your server

If you use debian or ubuntu,you should install the package first. apt-get install curlftpfs After the installation,create a folder where will you mount to.for example /mnt/rftp sudo mkdir /mnt/rftp curlftp’s format and its parameters are simple.for example,we have an ftp account like olriss and password: 123x4P at in local server,mount remote ftp with using […]

Extending lvm disk by adding space

On Vmware Esx server,You can increase size of your virtual hard disk easily.If you use lvm for your guest os,you will need to add new virtual hard disk or just increase the size of your current disk.This guide will help you to extend size of the disk after you resize of your virtual disk by […]

Cloudlinux saving common php settings permanently for all installed versions

When you update cloudlinux,it also will be updated the php.ini files.Therefore you will lost your customized php settings like disable_functions.You can write some of yours into common settings file instead of editing php.ini’s directly. Login to your cloudlinux and change directory to /etc/cl.selector/ You will see the file named global_php.ini.It is effective for your all […]

Plesk Cloudlinux LveManager Extension Error

You can manage hosting limits or reseller limits by using lve manager extension (module) inside the plesk hosting control panel.It is useful because you can set some limits to your hosting accounts by using plesk ui.But if you login to plesk with using HTTP,some errors will be occur.Therefore, you must login to plesk with https […]

Increasing php-fpm limits

If you use php with fpm standalone (without any hosting automation tool like plesk or whm/cpanel) then you need some tweaks for your busy php coded websites.I think the best fpm methot ise “on demand”.The fpm pool can be used for a website or multiple websites.All you have to do is finding your pool configuration […]

Prevent your server from bad bot attacks

We need some iptables rules and a file that includes ip addresses.These addresses are belong to bad bots I use a shell script that reads ip addresses one by one from afile and block it by using iptables. Firstly,You have to create a file.for example under root folder and it’s name is bad_bot.txt nano /root/bad_bot.txt.Write […]