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Imunify360 enable malware cleanup for all users

One line script for enable malware cleanup for all users.It can be used as batch script for every feature those can be applied only user basis. Other command line options described here for i in $(awk -F: ‘ $3 >= 10000 {print $1}’ /etc/passwd); do imunify360-agent feature-management enable –feature av –users $i; done

List access or error log files with their sizes plesk hosting servers

List all access log files; find /var/www/vhosts/*/logs/error_log -exec ls -la {} \; | awk ‘{print $5 ” ” $9}’ | sort -n List all error log files; find /var/www/vhosts/*/logs/access_log -exec ls -la {} \; | awk ‘{print $5 ” ” $9}’ | sort -n For access logs,there are also other access log files in that […]

Change compression type for Plesk backups

As a new feature,Plesk picked up zstd compression method for backups.If you want to create backup files with classic method you can edit the panel.ini file in two way 1. Go to Extensions ->Install and activate panel editor extension and open the editor in my extensions section Select the editor and add these; [pmm] compressionMethod […]

Most Used Linux Commands For File Compression

Gzip Compress a file with gzip $ gzip filename Compress and keep the original file $ gzip -c file > file.gz Compress all files in a folder $ gzip -r foldername Tar.gz $ tar -czvf filename.tar.gz directory ZSTD Compression Install first the package, $ sudo apt install zstd (Debian/Ubuntu) $ dnf install zstd (Centos,AlmaLinux,Fedora,Redhat) Usage: […]